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Support the Campaign for Children’s Right to a Nonviolent Education

See the campaign video on Youtube

The International Network for a Culture of Non-violence and Peace has sent a Proposal for an International Declaration on Children’s Right to Violence-free Education and to Peace and Non-violence Education to 192 permanent delegations of the Member States represented at UNESCO.

This declaration explicitly introduces two significant points that are implied, but not stated, in current international instruments pertaining to the rights of the child:

- Children’s right to violence-free education
- Children’s right to peace and non-violence education

The full text of this proposal is available in several languages:
- In French
- In English
- In Spanish

Numerous influential figures already support the campaign, including several Nobel Peace laureates, and over 900 associations.

To succeed, we need to show that a wide range of organizations and influential figures worldwide support this Proposal.

NGOs, support here the campaign!

Political representatives and other influential Figures, support here the campaign!

A Campaign Toolkit is at you disposal here

Thank you for your support!

Join us on Facebook!

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    4 mai 2014

    Le Sarajevo Peace Event 2014 se déroulera du 6 au 9 juin 2014 à Sarajevo (Bosnie-Herzégovine). La Coordination internationale en est une des organisations organisatrices.

  • Stop cyberbullying

    5 juin 2013

    New phenomena, cyberbullying and hatespeech on the internet are more and more frequent.

  • Talking nonviolence

    4 juin 2013

    Fundazione di Corsica and Non-Violence XXI organized the NV-Day on 15 May 15 2013, a day dedicated to nonviolence. Their goal : raising awareness about nonviolence through a varied program, conferences, testimonies, debates, comedy show, and thematic stands.

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